His name is Sean Hartley, otherwise known as Guitar Dan. He grew up in Daytona Beach, Florida. He now resides in Johnson City, Tennessee where he owns and operates a state of the art recording studio, Catfish Records. He writes, sings, plays and records his own songs and albums. He is presently working on his fourth album.

He has played guitar for 50 years or so. He grew up in Daytona  Beach jamming in local clubs with the likes of Duane Allman, Pete Carr, Lenny LeBlanc etc... He has busked across the United States and played in many venues, too numerous to name (or remember). He got to see Jimi Hendrix perform live at the 2nd annual Atlanta Pop Festival (the highlight of his life) along with many other great entertainers of the time. He sat in with Lyle Lovett and Bill Neely at the Alamo Hotel in Austin, Texas and was fortunate enough to attend Willie Nelson's Fourth of July Picnic where he got to see Willie, Waylon and the Boys among entertainers like Emmylou Harris (he fell in love), Eddie Rabbit, etc... He got to meet Tom Waits and Robin Williams in a Jazz Club called La Pas in Boulder, Colorado. Also in Boulder some friends rented a club for his 26th Birthday party and hired a band called Revolution. He didn't realize Prince was the lead singer (they weren't famous yet) until he saw them on MTV a few years later. He moved to San Francisco and took acid with Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir at a party (his roommate David was the Grateful Dead's Still Photographer). A friend that knew Eddie Money got him on Eddies'  guest list at Eddie Moneys' private club called the Warehouse in Oakland. He got on stage with Eddie and jammed to "Two Tickets To Paradise" (they then proceeded to go upstairs to Eddies' office and get high). A great guy (for an ex-cop). He also got to play on stage with Elvin Bishop at a free concert on Berkley Campus. Needless to say, He has lived a colorful and exciting life and was greatly influenced by many wonderful artists and musicians. He thanks the Lord Jesus Christ every  day for allowing him to have such fun for so many years. He is open to just about anything (although he abhors most rap and hip hop) when it comes to music. Here's hoping Guitar Dan continues in his quest to make the world a happier place through his words and music!